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What We Do


Dharmic Bridge LLC provides Mindful Management Training geared towards our separating service members. Our consulting services cover the gamut of program management and revenue enhancement. 

The proven methodology of  Mindful Management teaches enhanced situational awareness and actions mindful of all stakeholders, including the manager themselves; thereby increasing the productivity, pro-activity, and success of the team. 

Our 1/2-day training sessions are  offered stand-alone but are most effective when incorporated into the New Hire or Management training programs of private sector businesses.  We also offer customized sessions for corporate, individual or  by donating our services to several Veteran's organizations. 

How We Do It


Our sessions provide unique insights into the private sector for our transitioning veterans, and our innovative tools and exercises help our veterans recognize and follow a successful path for career and personal growth.


A typical Dharmic Bridge session includes a presentation of three common concepts our veterans are familiar with and we explore the characteristics of each as they relate to the private sector.

We then apply Mindful Management analogies to these concepts, helping our veterans easily recognize the parallel concepts and preempt upcoming challenges.

Why Us?

We Care

We're Unique

We're Successful

Working alongside our veterans for over thirty five years has provided us with the insights necessary to recognize the challenges our veterans face after separating from the service. 

We're passionate about what we do, and we succeed.  Our proven methodology increases team cohesiveness, productivity, and employee satisfaction through the trust and respect driven by the mindful manager

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