Dharmic Bridge understands that all leadership evolves from relationships.  Our mission is to share the lessons we've learned developing and nourishing relationships to help our separating veterans.


We've built upon our successful history of working alongside active duty and separated veterans to put together short discussions that allow the separating veteran more easily adapt to the private sector.  Our discussions are forthright and timely, and their anecdotal nature allows for maximum communication and retention of concepts, team cohesion, and self-confidence.

In short, at Dharmic Bridge we know how the game is played, we know how these heroes think, and we know the mindful shortcuts they can use to make the transition work for themselves.

Mark Greb ~ Founder | Principal

Dharmic Bridge is led by Mark Greb ('Greb'), a private sector Program Manager with an extensive and successful background in utilizing mindful management techniques to succeed.  He brings substantial expertise and personal experience to our presentations to examine how mindfulness can be used to achieve one’s full potential while also creating loyal, successful teams.


Growing up within the defense community, Greb has remained a member throughout his career, providing support to all branches of our military.  He ultimately managed several major contracts and served as the Program Management Subject Matter Expert (PM SME) with the Corporate Internal Audit group of a successful publicly traded company. 

While building a successful career as a Program Manager, Greb developed a network of talented and dedicated individuals that he continues to rely on as teachers.  These individuals include active and former service members with extensive experience helping our veterans, whether it be PTSD awareness/treatment, VA disability claims, or career guidance.  He is sincerely grateful for the assistance of these teachers and values his relationships with them, as they ultimately serve us all.


Greb is eternally grateful he was allowed to learn from, with, and alongside Michele for thirty-three years - and yes; he's still learning from her.   Together, they proudly raised two strong sons, both of whom are USMC officers.  These professional and personal bonds not only provide Greb with an intimate knowledge of the challenges facing our separating service members, they drive his passion to help.

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Michele & Sons ~ Our Raison D'etre

Yes, it's personal ...