Dharmic Bridge LLC serves our separating service members with mindful management and strategy training to assist in their transition from active duty to the private sector.

We provide our separating veterans with meaningful, honest discussions on several management topics and our unique methodology allows for quick and substantive grasp of the environmental commonalities between the DoD and private sector.

What exactly does Dharmic Bridge even mean?



Dharma, as interpreted in Buddhism and other eastern religions, is the law of universal truth inherent in the very nature of us all.  We are all searching for our own truth, and the use of the term here reflects our passion to help our veterans honestly assess their situation and life goals and act on them in a mindful manner.


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And Mindful Management?


Our offerings are unique and based upon Mindful Management principles that are proven to increase employee performance, morale, and quality of life.  Mindful management teaches the manager to maintain a moment-by-moment situational awareness of thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment in an objective manner.  Without judging present observations, the mindful manager is able to evaluate actionable options rationally and in the best interests of all stakeholders.

Curricula FAQs


The Dharmic Bridge curricula is based upon how the concepts of mindful awareness, action, and accountability are used to effect positive change in the workforce.  We understand how these concepts are applied in both the military and civilian workforce, and we understand the analogies between them.  We present simple, rational, and mindful observations to help better integrate the DoD and civilian worlds to effect personal and professional positive change from the inside out.

Our anecdotal sessions are informal, flexible, and easily customized to address numerous issues our veterans will face in their new environment.

Our discussions build upon the existing relationships of our veterans.  We show them how to leverage their lessons learned in a mindful manner to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

We are honest, sincere, and unique.  And our limited session size (6-10) allows for a relaxed and intimate presentation makes us effective and successful.