Our standard Dharmic Bridge session usually takes about 4 hours and is broken into three primary sections, each providing in-depth analyses of concepts our veterans are intimately familiar with - Awareness, Action, and Accountability


We explore how the veteran has been exposed to and currently perceives the concept, and how that concept is applied in the private sector.  We show these leaders that parallels do, in fact, exist and we provide simple mindfulness techniques (e.g., life and work hacks) to help them shift their situational awareness to their new environment.

Our topics, discussions, and presentations are extremely flexible and easily customized to meet specific issues.  We work with businesses and individuals on issues that often tend to be process improvement and/or performance cases, but we also help our veterans via an active network of specialists that automatically drop everything to lend a hand for their brothers and sisters.


Mindfulness is simply being aware of your situation.  At Dharmic Bridge, our mindfulness techniques demonstrate to our service members that their previous situational awareness training - no matter the discipline - is completely analogous to the environment they are entering.  Once these relationships are seen and understood, employee confidence, proactive nature, and performance increase.



Focus on:

  • Workplace Culture

  • Team Members

  • Process Insights

  • Stakeholder Concerns

  • Work / Life Balance

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As the employee’s awareness increases, so does their confidence and proactive nature to succeed.  Whether the action is process, personnel, or customer-oriented, Dharmic Bridge will provide the transitioning veteran with insight into the private sector and offer several mindfulness tools and examples easily incorporated into their new actions/interactions to ensure positive outcomes for all stakeholders - especially themselves.

​Mindful Action of:

  • Routine Business Tasks

  • Employee Management

  • Personnel & Team Growth

  • Stakeholder  Expectations

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Every action and it’s outcome are lessons to be learned and remembered, and we drive that concept home in our final segment.  Dharmic Bridge will provide numerous examples and tools that will ensure future lessons learned can be captured in a progressively positive and mindful manner.  We demonstrate how being mindful of all the stakeholders intuitively allows for personal balance, growth and success.


  • Definition of

  • Personal 

  • Workplace

  • Deniers & Avoiders

  • Impacts of


Standard Sessions

  • Industry and Discipline (MOS) Independent​​

  • In-depth presentation of each concept

  • Half-day commitment 

  • Zoom meetings

  • Locations and Schedules vary with enrollment demographics

Customized  Sessions

  • Requirements Identification ~ Gratis

  • Quote Includes:

    • Plan of Action

    • Customized Presentation(s)*

    • Schedule

    • Cost proposal

  • On-site, Zoom, or Remote Offering

Veterans Groups

  • Short or Custom Topics

  • Cooperation with Several Local Veteran Support Groups

  • Sessions "At Cost" or Gratis

  • Conferences

  • Reunions

  • Rallies